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The Vin-tage

The place was abandoned and sad. The new owners, a young and dynamic couple, wanted to make a cozy welcoming wine bar out of it. It should look like home. There should be sofas, stools and lots of different tables as well as many accessories that you usually find in a private home.

The first phase, though, was to “pep up” the place! With a reasonable budget we had work done by a painter, a carpenter, and electricians. They all did a great job to bring back the polish of the place and make it look fresh and clean.

We chose the furniture with an ethnic touch. We used black metal, lots of wood and a touch of red to lend a brightness of color. The big and original lamps are the eye-catching elements of the interior. On the tables we chose three large black rattan lamps and on the bar the multi-cabled Selleti lamps with 14 bulbs that hang on different levels. Throughout arranging the variety of details, such as the many cushions in different types of fabric, the hanging-plant baskets of different sizes, the vases and candlesticks, we always kept in mind the coziness and domestic feeling that we were aiming at.

Customers can now fully enjoy the fantastic wine selection in this great atmosphere!

Photography: Sarah Vonesch