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Family home modernized

This ten-year-old semi-detached house did not correspond to its owners’ taste; the wooden floor was yellowish and damaged, the walls faded, and the bathrooms very old-fashioned. There was need for improvement. The floor has been replaced everywhere and color has been brought into the whole house. For the decoration of the children’s rooms I chose classical but timeless pieces of furniture from European Heritage and added a couple of stylish accessories from Bloomingville. A new bed for the parent’s room from Gervasoni has a natural linen touch that gives an impression of peace. This is enhanced with the surrounding white furniture and the “vintage” table lamps from Örsjö. In the living area, the objective was also to give more peace and visual harmony to the room. The classical inherited pieces of furniture are completed with white coffee tables and the modern lamps from Established & Sons. The masterpiece is a set of book shelves made to measure that allow the clients to display their wonderful collection of cameras as well as souvenirs and cherished objects.

Photos: Sarah Vonesch