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Modern apartment in the countryside of Zurich

The apartment is modern, new, light and very nicely built! This was a new project, starting with a floor plan of the rooms and specifying their contents: materials, flooring of wood or tiles, choice of kitchen and bathroom furniture and accessories, built-in wardrobes, etc. The clients wished a unified approach and long-term coaching all along the project from the initial planning to the decoration. The clients, a couple and their two teenagers, were really open to new ideas and curious about new sources. They were eager to have something different from their former place. We started a smooth changing process with easy, casual and timeless pieces such as the Eames Vitra chairs that mix perfectly with the bistro table that they owned, the large Tolomeo standing lamp next to the new blue sofa from Bo Concept and the fantastic sleek white sideboard from Morgen. We also added some natural materials for cosiness and atmosphere; linen bed from Gervasoni, recycled carton lamps from Graypants and a bamboo rug from Vanghent! The beautiful linen and velvet curtains in the whole apartment make the place look unique and consistent yet practical and easy to live in for this family and the teenagers who love to have their friends over!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg