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Cosmetic studio in the heart of Zurich

This project is a small cosmetic studio which consists of two separate rooms; the reception and the treatment area. The floor is grey concrete; the windows are large and the walls are plain white. This all results in a relatively cold atmosphere with neither warmth nor feminine touch. The reception room had to give a much more welcoming impression. We defined two soft colors in our concept; rosé and green. We used that green to paint one of the larger walls. Natural materials were used to enhance this soft atmosphere: recycled paper baskets and lamps from Bestbefore, floor lamps from Paola Navone, linen cushions from Maison de Vacances and Elitis. To make it look even smoother and more relaxed, we used a round table. Two Eames armrest chairs complement the table perfectly. In the treatment area we had enough space to create a nice cozy corner with a pink velvet upholstered armrest low chair, a console with a hand-made mirror from M Nuance, cushions and a lamp from Caravane.

The new style suits the studio owner much better; feminine, elegant and cool at the same time!

Photos: Sarah Vonesch