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For the first time Sab’s Interiors was engaged to create a working space for a company. The clients, partners in a company active in the beverage business, were looking for a full service–from the layout of the premises to the choice of all the furniture. What a great challenge! The new office is bright, has nice volumes and is structured into a welcoming entrance, two rooms for the offices, and one large meeting room. Some painting needed to be done to make the premises clean and fresh. We decided to make one colored wall in each room, colors which are in fact those of the brand. We chose a low-budget but surprisingly nice and original material, OSB wood, for the tables of each working space as well as the high tables of the meeting room. The design of the latter was to have four identical modular tables that one can either put together or separate according to the needs and the number of people attending. Black is the connecting color for the rest of the elements: black lamps from Gras, the table feet and bar stools from Nicolle Chair. As there was no kitchen, we created a small one in an empty niche and used OSB as well. The accessories are mainly things from IKEA and recycled paper baskets form Bestbefore. The timeless elements and real office furniture are the comfortable Vitra chairs and the eye-catching String shelves in black and white.

The results perfectly suit the team; a working space and a cool attitude!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg