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New house in the canton Aaargau

The young couple buying this brand-new house was looking for some extra help to widen their horizon for the layout and the style of their new home. By identifying the furniture that they wanted to keep and by defining a thorough concept of colors, shapes and style based on a pre-defined budget, we produced it throughout the 3-floored house. There was definitely a need for a touch of freshness and coolness in the interior of this young family. We concentrated at the beginning of the project on the layout of the bathrooms and then chose the floors and fresh colors for the rooms according to the defined concept. The furniture and the lamps also had to reflect this “good mood” atmosphere; we picked up mid-price brands such as Hay for the large blue-jean sofa and the comfortable dining chairs, Graypants for the ceiling lamps and Muubs for a couple of wooden accessories. The “small luxuries” that make all the difference are especially the different fabrics from Society, Avec and Maison de Vacances and the very special lamps from Paris au Mois d’Août or Foscarini. The result is a nice collaboration between Sab’s Interiors and the clients who trusted our guidance. This house is definitely welcoming and cozy and ready for the new addition to the growing family…

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg