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Urban apartment in the center of Zurich

This freshly renovated apartment hidden in a park is a very urban and central place. The apartment looked very neutral and convenient so it was easy to play with any type of decoration. The client wished a nice mix between her very urban lifestyle, the modern and neutral flat and the more colorful atmosphere of her origins! So the bases of this interior were her dark wooden antique furniture, the colorful kazakh rugs and cushions and the amazing art pieces and original objects. We decided to strengthen this accent by, for instance, putting in the bedroom a floral wallpaper from Osborne & Lillte, adding a beautiful green silk upholstered bed from Gervasoni, chinz curtains and a thick and elegant bedspread from Society. In the living room, we went through the same process and combined the old chinese console with a new low beige sofa from Artflex and a couple mixed-color cushions. Our carpenter made two bookshelves that we chose to paint in beige for the first one and green and copper for the second one. This was an audacious decision that really reinforces the unique personality of this place! Another example in the dining room is the mix between the old antique dining table and the new leather chairs form Sol y Luna, the small purple reading sofa and the timeless standing lamp from Schottlander. This interior is definitely daring, feminine, noble and colorful just like its inhabitant