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Old apartment in the neighborhood of Seefeld

The clients had a very precise mission: make their apartment look nicer and cozier! They had a couple of very fine pieces of furniture among which 20th-century classical such as the Saarinen tulip chairs and also modern, timeless and confortable design pieces! But this combination was relatively dark and their ground floor apartment really needed more light and brightness. I decided to employ colors in touches such as red, blue and yellow. To bring contrast to the very present metallic material I introduced more natural materials such as linen, seagrass and rattan. Bright and colorful accessories also bring life and movement; rugs, cushions, stool, lamps etc. The eye-catching piece was the huge ceiling lamp in the dining room (Ay Illuminate). We used colors on the wall such as grey painting in the dining room and yellow wallpaper in the baby’s room. Beautiful rugs round up the whole interior and make the apartment ready and charming for the new family!