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Holiday Appartement in the Swiss Alps

This case is a small apartment in the mountains of the Swiss canton Vaud. This apartment hasn’t been “touched“ since the 50s. Living abroad, the client wished a more practical and modern apartment that could also be easily rented. So, everything was destroyed except the walls between the rooms. The owner knew exactly what tiles should be in the bathrooms, and how their layout should look, as well as the basic colors of the whole apartment. The rest was Sab’s Interiors’ decision. The collaboration was done at a distance with full trust and transparent communication.We chose a light whitened oak for all built-in furniture, including bathrooms, and a darker wooden floor to make a contrast. The main colors are basically white and beige to which we added aubergine for the sofas, the curtains and one hanging lamp. Furniture is from Verzellloni, Mobitec and Vitra. Lamps are either from Hind Rabii or Louis Poulsen. Sab’s Interiors supervised the whole renovation work, the logistics, the furniture selection and the delivery of everything. The client came from Belgium for a couple of days as when the apartment was finished and could barely recognize it! She was very happy.

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg