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Before – After of a guest room / office
In this quite narrow and small room there were a very large cupboard and a long desk. And on one side of the room, there was a bed that occupied a lot of space. We got rid of the desk and the bed. The cupboard stayed where it was as well as a small white console that was moved from the living room. This became a desk, for which we added a chair identical to those in the dining room, where it can serve as needed. We purchased a comfortable beige sofa -bed from Micasa. The pillows from Avec and Letti&co give the room an elegant and welcoming look. The final touches are the transparent linen curtains, a round coco rug from Impressionen and a rough wooden block from Muubs. The room has now three functions; guestroom, office and dressing-room–a maximum gain of space for a little room that was barely used.