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Cosmetic studio in the heart of Zurich

This project is a small cosmetic studio which consists of two separate rooms; the reception and the treatment area. The floor is grey concrete; the windows are large and the walls are plain white. This all results in a relatively cold atmosphere with neither warmth nor feminine touch. The reception room had to give a much more welcoming impression. We defined two soft colors in our concept; rosé and green. We used that green to paint one of the larger walls. Natural materials were used to enhance this soft atmosphere: recycled paper baskets and lamps from Bestbefore, floor lamps from Paola Navone, linen cushions from Maison de Vacances and Elitis. To make it look even smoother and more relaxed, we used a round table. Two Eames armrest chairs complement the table perfectly. In the treatment area we had enough space to create a nice cozy corner with a pink velvet upholstered armrest low chair, a console with a hand-made mirror from M Nuance, cushions and a lamp from Caravane.

The new style suits the studio owner much better; feminine, elegant and cool at the same time!

Photos: Sarah Vonesch

House in Bassersdorf

In this case, I was part of the project at the very beginning. The clients, with the coaching and supervision of an architect, embarked on a full and thorough renovation of this 50’s family home. This family needed help to define the overall concept, the visual result and the style of the complete house, the color combination and of course the furniture. This led to many decisions; floor, tiles, color scheme, carpenter work but above all also to basic matters such as “how much should stay from the original house?”. Indeed it was important to “save” some of the original architectural features of the house. The wooden ceiling and the walls are too beautiful to disappear into plain white! On the other hand, larger windows are more than welcome! It was also early enough to give them advice on the carpenter work. Built-in furniture such as cupboards, wardrobe and bench in the entrance, sideboard in the bedroom are not just practical but are also esthetically attractive. Bordeaux, pink, blue and grey, dominate the color scheme. The beautiful Hay sofa gives a great color accent to the living room. A couple of other pieces of furniture are from Vitra. There are some cool pieces making a statement; the large Jean Prouvé table, timeless lamps from George Nelson, Ay Illuminate and Gras, fun cushions from Maison de Vacances, comfortable rug and a group of hanging mirrors. The beautiful curtains offer coziness and provide the final note. Although there was much done to this house, it kept its identity and remained loyal to its origins.

It is a good-looking house that perfectly suits the good humor of its inhabitants.

Photos: Sarah Vonesch


For the first time Sab’s Interiors was engaged to create a working space for a company. The clients, partners in a company active in the beverage business, were looking for a full service–from the layout of the premises to the choice of all the furniture. What a great challenge! The new office is bright, has nice volumes and is structured into a welcoming entrance, two rooms for the offices, and one large meeting room. Some painting needed to be done to make the premises clean and fresh. We decided to make one colored wall in each room, colors which are in fact those of the brand. We chose a low-budget but surprisingly nice and original material, OSB wood, for the tables of each working space as well as the high tables of the meeting room. The design of the latter was to have four identical modular tables that one can either put together or separate according to the needs and the number of people attending. Black is the connecting color for the rest of the elements: black lamps from Gras, the table feet and bar stools from Nicolle Chair. As there was no kitchen, we created a small one in an empty niche and used OSB as well. The accessories are mainly things from IKEA and recycled paper baskets form Bestbefore. The timeless elements and real office furniture are the comfortable Vitra chairs and the eye-catching String shelves in black and white.

The results perfectly suit the team; a working space and a cool attitude!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg

The Vin-tage

The place was abandoned and sad. The new owners, a young and dynamic couple, wanted to make a cozy welcoming wine bar out of it. It should look like home. There should be sofas, stools and lots of different tables as well as many accessories that you usually find in a private home.

The first phase, though, was to “pep up” the place! With a reasonable budget we had work done by a painter, a carpenter, and electricians. They all did a great job to bring back the polish of the place and make it look fresh and clean.

We chose the furniture with an ethnic touch. We used black metal, lots of wood and a touch of red to lend a brightness of color. The big and original lamps are the eye-catching elements of the interior. On the tables we chose three large black rattan lamps and on the bar the multi-cabled Selleti lamps with 14 bulbs that hang on different levels. Throughout arranging the variety of details, such as the many cushions in different types of fabric, the hanging-plant baskets of different sizes, the vases and candlesticks, we always kept in mind the coziness and domestic feeling that we were aiming at.

Customers can now fully enjoy the fantastic wine selection in this great atmosphere!

Photography: Sarah Vonesch

Holiday Appartement in the Swiss Alps

This case is a small apartment in the mountains of the Swiss canton Vaud. This apartment hasn’t been “touched“ since the 50s. Living abroad, the client wished a more practical and modern apartment that could also be easily rented. So, everything was destroyed except the walls between the rooms. The owner knew exactly what tiles should be in the bathrooms, and how their layout should look, as well as the basic colors of the whole apartment. The rest was Sab’s Interiors’ decision. The collaboration was done at a distance with full trust and transparent communication.We chose a light whitened oak for all built-in furniture, including bathrooms, and a darker wooden floor to make a contrast. The main colors are basically white and beige to which we added aubergine for the sofas, the curtains and one hanging lamp. Furniture is from Verzellloni, Mobitec and Vitra. Lamps are either from Hind Rabii or Louis Poulsen. Sab’s Interiors supervised the whole renovation work, the logistics, the furniture selection and the delivery of everything. The client came from Belgium for a couple of days as when the apartment was finished and could barely recognize it! She was very happy.

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg

Family home modernized

This ten-year-old semi-detached house did not correspond to its owners’ taste; the wooden floor was yellowish and damaged, the walls faded, and the bathrooms very old-fashioned. There was need for improvement. The floor has been replaced everywhere and color has been brought into the whole house. For the decoration of the children’s rooms I chose classical but timeless pieces of furniture from European Heritage and added a couple of stylish accessories from Bloomingville. A new bed for the parent’s room from Gervasoni has a natural linen touch that gives an impression of peace. This is enhanced with the surrounding white furniture and the “vintage” table lamps from Örsjö. In the living area, the objective was also to give more peace and visual harmony to the room. The classical inherited pieces of furniture are completed with white coffee tables and the modern lamps from Established & Sons. The masterpiece is a set of book shelves made to measure that allow the clients to display their wonderful collection of cameras as well as souvenirs and cherished objects.

Photos: Sarah Vonesch


Jugendstil Apartment in the heart of Zurich

For this very well informed and sophisticated couple the objective was to do something truly original with a spacious, luminous, and freshly renovated apartment, into which they were moving while also expecting a baby. This couple already owned beautiful and eclectic furniture that needed to be combined with new accessories, fabrics and lighting. We went in search of unusual lighting fixtures, such as the beautiful 50’s chandelier in the main bedroom. The table lamps from Gras are the masculine touch in the study. We chose noble fabrics for curtains and blinds such as Sanderson for the bathroom and Designers Guild for the baby’s room. We also added a couple of fun accessories, such as baskets hanging in the entrance for storage purposes, and boxes shaped like bird cages to store all the things needed in the baby’s room. This particular room has been the focus of the mother-to-be; plum wall, grey washed furniture, yellow curtains all blend together to make a wonderful, unique space where details make the difference. A real pleasure for an interior designer!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg

Old apartment in the neighborhood of Seefeld

The clients had a very precise mission: make their apartment look nicer and cozier! They had a couple of very fine pieces of furniture among which 20th-century classical such as the Saarinen tulip chairs and also modern, timeless and confortable design pieces! But this combination was relatively dark and their ground floor apartment really needed more light and brightness. I decided to employ colors in touches such as red, blue and yellow. To bring contrast to the very present metallic material I introduced more natural materials such as linen, seagrass and rattan. Bright and colorful accessories also bring life and movement; rugs, cushions, stool, lamps etc. The eye-catching piece was the huge ceiling lamp in the dining room (Ay Illuminate). We used colors on the wall such as grey painting in the dining room and yellow wallpaper in the baby’s room. Beautiful rugs round up the whole interior and make the apartment ready and charming for the new family!

Contemporary chalet in the Swiss Alps

This modern looking chalet has been a challenging project for me. It was the ideal « playground » for testing a large range of decorating ideas. The clients, a couple with 3 children, were demanding, perfectionist and at the same time very open to new ideas. The beautiful architecture naturally helped when designing the interior. The layout of the rooms is efficient and allows putting a bed, a desk and a seat in each bedroom. The clients were keen to have lots of integrated furniture such as cupboards, shelves and bed heads. A carpenter made these. The main colors beige, brown and red were used throughout the chalet with the furniture, the fabrics and the accessories. My goal was to mix traditional things that you can find in mountain chalets such as hunting trophies with more modern pieces of furniture such as the Verner Panton chairs from Vitra or the lean table light from Tom Dixon. The result is a spectacular interior but cozy at the same time!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg

Apartment on the Zuri Lake

In this case, the mission was to create a very neutral environment that allows the owner to enjoy the beautiful lake view at any time and from anywhere! There shouldn’t be any visual obstacles! The idea was to have good-looking high quality furniture and avoid filling up the place. The aim was to create a very soft and serene atmosphere. We chose the main furniture in light tones such as beige, off-white and white from beautiful brands such as the white sofa from Verzelloni, the off-white Schramm bed, large rugs – one vintage in khaki and greyish tones and the other of natural wool. In combination with old wooden furniture, such as both side tables by the bed and the console by the entrance, the ambience is lively and cozy. To avoid a too classical and boring look we also introduced a nice modern round table from Punt with a couple of vintage Eames gray chairs. Finally we added a few elegant lamps from Hind Rabii and the gorgeous pillows and poufs from Avec. At last we hung nice vanilla curtains in the living area and beige linen ones in the bed- and dressing-rooms! The nice turquoise bed linen from Society mirrors the color of the lake. The client comes home every evening feeling on a lakeside vacation!

Photos: Werner Gryffenberg