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Dining Room

Before – After of a dining room
The heart of this fully renovated house is the dining room. The wooden walls were smoothly sanded, making the whole room look less dark than it was before. We chose to keep the white sideboard and a couple of chairs. We added a couple of grey Eames chairs that combine very well with the existing chairs. We put in the centre of the room the magnificent large table from Prouvé in the daring color of Japanese red. On top of the table, the hanging white lamps from George Nelson combine splendidly with the wooden walls. We hung a couple of round mirrors above the sideboard; this is actually a very good option when the client doesn’t have a large art collection. It’s aesthetic and easy to organize. The room looks fresh and cool but thus harmonized, organized and special!

Before – After of a guest room / office

Before – After of a guest room / office
In this quite narrow and small room there were a very large cupboard and a long desk. And on one side of the room, there was a bed that occupied a lot of space. We got rid of the desk and the bed. The cupboard stayed where it was as well as a small white console that was moved from the living room. This became a desk, for which we added a chair identical to those in the dining room, where it can serve as needed. We purchased a comfortable beige sofa -bed from Micasa. The pillows from Avec and Letti&co give the room an elegant and welcoming look. The final touches are the transparent linen curtains, a round coco rug from Impressionen and a rough wooden block from Muubs. The room has now three functions; guestroom, office and dressing-room–a maximum gain of space for a little room that was barely used.

Before – After of a living room

Before – After of a living room
The living room of this very nice lakeview apartment looked very dark and small. This wasn’t the case but the disorganized combination and the random placement of inappropriate furniture gave the impression of a crowded room. All this didn’t suit the current taste of the residents of the flat. The large comfortable grey sofa was kept but differently situated in the room. Instead of having the sofa against the large window and the television in front of the fireplace, the backrest of the sofa now leans on the larger wall of the room facing the beautiful view of the outdoors; and we put the television on a mobile stand. The TV can thus be pulled out only when required. The additional things are a round coffee table from Bloomingville, a nice rug from Kinnasand, a big brown vase standing on the floor from Muubs, a reading lamp from Hind Rabii and a couple of noble pillows from Avec and Maison de Vacances. The atmosphere has totally changed; airy, organized and cozy!

Slightly sad hallway

Before – After of a slightly sad hallway
This relatively not very practical entryway, because surrounded by lots of doors and quite dark, having no natural light, needed comfort and a happy note.

On top of the existing storage cabinet, we hang up a beautiful black-steeled mirror from Caravane as contrast to the boring white wall. We also added three very pretty colorful paper lamps that at night look like nice lanterns dancing on the ceiling.

To finish, we put a large sisal IKEA rug on the floor, hang up a clothes bar for all the coats and jackets and added a nice bamboo stool from KoK essential.

The room is now very welcoming and makes you want to see more surprises in the rest of the apartment!

bathroom and dressing-room

Before – After of a bathroom and its dressing-room
In this case, the existing bathroom corresponds neither to contemporary taste nor to the needs of the residents.

Indeed, this couple has a vast space at their disposal, but only one relatively small old-fashioned bathroom.

The idea was to create a bigger space and add a lot of storage. They needed two separate rooms; a large bathroom and a smaller shower room. So the unused room next to the existing bathroom was transformed into a second smaller shower room and an independent dressing room.

The big bathroom was completely modernized: a large glass shower, neutral colors for the tiles and walls, corian basins, and a cabinetry of pale solid wood. The original ceiling was repainted white in order to confer a feeling of space and tidiness to the whole room.

The new smaller shower-room was arranged in the same style that makes the two rooms look neat and harmonious.

The new dressing that took place in the former hallway leading to the bathroom has been painted in a very nice linden-tree color that matches the luxuriant green that can be seen from the window…

Dining Room

Before – After of the reception of a cosmetic studio
The large reception room with concrete floor, big windows, a violet painted wall and relatively cold pieces of furniture didn’t look very welcoming and merry. We wanted to create a smoother and more feminine atmosphere. Based on our defined color concept, we decided to paint the larger wall in a very nice and warm linden green tone. To replace the uninteresting black and white photos on this large wall, we grouped a couple of mirrors. On the wooden low bench that we decided to keep from all the miscellaneous furniture, we put a couple of nice cushions in pink, beige and green. We got rid of the impractical glass table and the uncomfortable chairs. We replaced them with a nice round table, much more adequate for cozy meetings and better suited to the size and shape of the room. The Eames armrest chairs are both more comfortable and attractive. The paper lamps are the eye-catching element when one enters the room. By their material, they seem to be poetically floating around the room!