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Before – After of a living room
The living room of this very nice lakeview apartment looked very dark and small. This wasn’t the case but the disorganized combination and the random placement of inappropriate furniture gave the impression of a crowded room. All this didn’t suit the current taste of the residents of the flat. The large comfortable grey sofa was kept but differently situated in the room. Instead of having the sofa against the large window and the television in front of the fireplace, the backrest of the sofa now leans on the larger wall of the room facing the beautiful view of the outdoors; and we put the television on a mobile stand. The TV can thus be pulled out only when required. The additional things are a round coffee table from Bloomingville, a nice rug from Kinnasand, a big brown vase standing on the floor from Muubs, a reading lamp from Hind Rabii and a couple of noble pillows from Avec and Maison de Vacances. The atmosphere has totally changed; airy, organized and cozy!