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Modern apartment in the heart of former Zurich industrial area

This modern apartment, very well located in the fashionable new area of Zurich, Kreis 4, is the Swiss base for a couple and their daughter who live abroad. Due to the distance and the urgent deadline, the refitting and decoration were delegated to local enterprises. The goal was to create an easy living space for a family of three frequent travellers. This was achieved in two stages: supervising all the workers involved in the project from the painter to the carpenter, and furnishing the entire flat from the cupboards to the coffee spoons! All the elements such as floor, bathrooms, kitchen and built-in cupboards were selected in a very neutral, calm and monochrome style to provide the impression of a hotel suite. There were few personal belongings except for a couple of drawings. The accent was put on high quality furniture that brings life to the rooms. A mix of Sab’s Interiors favorite pieces such as; table, accessories, mirror from Muubs, sideboard, desk from Punt, rug from Vanghent were the basis. These are combined with items that the owner really wanted to have in the apartment: the Vitra coffee table and the large B&B sofa. The plain woolen cushions from Avec and the very simple linen curtains finish the whole. The end-of-the-world travelers can come from time to time and just unpack their suitcases in the sober comfort of their very own home.